Already in 1983, some brothers, helped by the Holy Spirit, and wanting to maintain the truth among the believers, dared to engage in a scriptural discussion with those who were regarded as untouchable high priests at that time. It was in the name of the Lord that they acted, and out of love for His Word. They were, among others, Brothers Thomas Kalonji, Emmanuel Kabeya, Firmin Badibanga and Pierre KAS.


 Here is the substance of the Scriptures that were presented to them with a warning concerning the collapse of the wall thus erected, which would allow the mass exit of all the chosen ones whom they were trying to keep fearful in servitude :

 "For the Spirit which you have received is not a Spirit who makes you slaves and fills you again with fear..." (Rom. 8:15)


Although they left long afterwards, those brothers who did not have the courage to join the first group, kept that spirit of slavery, of servitude, which fills them again with fear, to the point that they cannot preach the truth or even believe it. They fear men, not God who is the Creator (Matt. 10:28; 31). They are ashamed of the words of the Lord (Matt. 10:32-33). They prefer to compromise in order to be applauded by men (John 12:42-43). They will all perish equally because they do not have the fear of the Lord who is the beginning of wisdom, which we preach among the perfect (adults) (1 Cor. 2:6). What good did this outing do them? They who keep the same faith of Righini before the implantation of the teaching on "the seven thunders"?


All this was literally accomplished, and many Children of God have come out of this assembly since 1984 until today, including even all the other believers of the "seven thunders", such as: Shekinah, Logos, and others.


In this first meeting with the elders of Righini, the Scriptures of Numbers 16, Acts 20 and 1 Cor. 10 were exposed to them briefly but deeply, to make them see that they had already abandoned the way of the Lord, and that the assembly was already well established in death, because, as leaders that they were, they had already rejected the one God had sent, brother Ewald Frank (Luke 10:16; John 13:20, etc.).


At that time, it was difficult to see brother Frank as a man sent from God, like brother Branham, Moses, Joshua, John the Baptist, Paul, etc. (Luke 10:16; John 13:20, etc.). We were therefore the only ones who took a stand before God, before men and before angels, who are also His messengers, for the Truth and for the ministry He had given to His servant.


Thus, according to Hebrews 13:13, we bore the reproach of Christ to this day. And the costume that they put on us all over the world, to make scarecrows (as they had dressed the Lord before His crucifixion), is the nickname "Frankists.

At present, we see with great astonishment the attraction, around this ministry, of those who, yesterday, were fighting it, without having repented. On this subject, the prophet John the Baptist said:

"Snakes, you offspring of vipers, who taught you to flee from the wrath to come? Produce therefore fruits worthy of repentance, and do not pretend to say within yourselves: We have Abraham for our father! For from these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. "(Matt. 3:7-9)


We even find there the charismatics who, yesterday, rejected, even the ministry of the prophet Branham, telling their faithful not to even touch the brochures of his preaching! They have put into oblivion their former sins, the most serious ones. But according to the Bible, which is the Word of God, without sincere repentance, there can be no forgiveness from God.


It was a parallel movement to God's action. This movement was completely anti-Christ in that it fiercely opposed the action of God in our generation. At the head of this diabolical action there were remarkable figures who, until today, refuse to come out of it and to receive the teaching in the biblical order. Having baptized themselves and without revelation (because they were only imitating) they thus accomplished what the Lord had said to the teachers of the law and the Pharisees of His time:

" not being baptized by John, they have made void God's purpose for them" (Luke 7:30).


The main ones are still in the same places where they were before. They have never believed the Word of the hour. To deceive and to try to keep the members, they wanted to change horses thinking that they will not be recognized, because the colors have been changed. But we know by revelation of the Holy Spirit that these three colours (white, red and black) finally gave the hypocritical colour, grey. Whoever really wants to meet the Lord and truly wants to hear His Word must not put his soul in danger with all that is called today "assembly and tabernacle". God is not there because He cannot enter into that which He has not begun.


Did He not say: "I will build my Church" and not my churches? And elsewhere: "...I will gather all the scattered children of God"? Was it not He who said in Matthew 12:30 :

"He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not join with me in gathering together scatters." (V.L.S.) and (P.V.).

The Bible clearly says:

" many as believed were in one place..."; "And every day the Lord added to the fellowship those who were saved".


All true biblical believers must fulfill these Scriptures and not seek their own justification. From the moment the Lord had one assembly submitted to Him in 1984, all the others that came out of the Righini assembly after that year had no biblical reason to start other assemblies. They had to join those who saw the things of God before them, as Scripture says:

"The multitude of all those who believed were of one heart and soul. »


Paul after his call did not make another assembly, neither in Damascus nor in Jerusalem. Especially the charismatics of IPN and Bandalungwa cannot compare themselves to the believers of the Message because they have never been inside it. They still continue to examine these things from afar, they are not yet really convinced.

So there's no point in them trying to compare themselves to Paul. Paul never hesitated to declare publicly that he was not worthy of being called an apostle because he persecuted the Church of God. He was not ashamed to testify loud and clear that he even participated in Stephen's murder. Where do you find such a spirit today among all those who fought against the truth? In the Scriptures, we see Paul relate, in a clear way, his ecclesiastical life as a Pharisee, because he had become free. But can our charismatics of today, who call themselves an assembly, etc., can they, like Paul, testify that they have passed from their charismatic movement to the Word? And are they able, like him, to give proof of this? He said for example:

"I am a Jew, born in Tarsus in Cilicia; but I was brought up in this city and taught at the feet of Gamaliel, in the exact knowledge of the law of our fathers, being full of zeal for God, as you all are today.

I persecuted this doctrine (this way) to death, binding and imprisoning both men and women, as the High Priest and the whole college of elders testify to me.

I even received letters from the brothers in Damascus, where I went to bring bound to Jerusalem those who were there and have them punished. As I was on my way, and was approaching Damascus, suddenly, around noon, a great light from heaven shone around me. I fell to the ground, and I heard a voice saying to me, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" And I said, "Who are You, Lord?" And He said to me, "I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting."


And those who were with me saw the light, but they heard not the voice of him that spoke. Then I said, "What shall I do, Lord?" And the Lord said to me, "Go to Damascus and there they will tell you everything you must do." Acts 22:3-10.


Can our charismatic and religious men of today give such a testimony? Can they show humility as they did for Paul? Are they aware that they persecuted the Church of the Lord Jesus of Nazareth? Did Paul start a new assembly with those who were with him? Did they all understand or was this salvation individual for Paul? So where does it come from today that charismatic assemblies spontaneously change into assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ, without biblical experience?


Paul did not make his own assembly to reign there. He did not change Pharisaicism into Christianity. He was simply oriented towards the prophet Ananias, who already had the message of that hour. And Paul did not argue with him at all, but let himself be immersed in the Name of Yeshua Ha MaHSHYaH. After this experience, the Scripture says that he remained with the disciples, going back and forth with them (Acts 9:19+28).


Even in Jerusalem he no longer made an assembly of his own. He went directly to the elders to explain his doctrine to them so that he would not run in vain. Are our charismatic preachers of yesterday (Salem, Isangila, Livulu, etc.) aware that they are running in vain? Their subjects, in spite of all that we can tell them about the Word, do not have enough spiritual intelligence to see that they are being deceived! Yet the Scripture says:


"Let no one deceive you," and again: "Come out from among them and be separate," says the Lord. Touch not that which is unclean. And I will receive you. I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to Me, says the Lord Almighty. "(2 Cor.6.17-18)


When will they fulfill this Scripture to finally be born as children of God, they who do not even know that they are outside the will of God?

To return to the Scriptures which We exposed to the leaders of Righini, it was further told to them that all that happened to Korah, Datan, Abiram, On and all their group will happen to them. According to I Cor.10, not all those who came out of Egypt were pleasing to YaHWeH, for they all perished in the desert except two people, Joshua and Caleb. And taking Acts 20 to end the talk, he said to them:

"Today we are clean from the blood of all of you and all the congregation, for we have proclaimed to you the counsel of God without hiding anything. »

This is what led Brother Djameni, a deacon at the time, to highlight the four points around which we should speak in the future to restore order in the church.


  1. Most of the preachers had not been born again.
  2. The absence of the pure Word in the Assembly.
  3. Their preaching was based on the pamphlets coming from people opposed to Brother Frank's ministry.
  4. Other preachers are against Brother Frank's ministry.


After this presentation, the college of elders divided into two camps. It was the second camp that was anxious to know the names of the preachers who were opposed to Brother Frank's ministry. The discussion lasted several weeks until the day they gave their last point of view through their spokesman, Brother Nyanga, who is now in Masina. It was there that Brother Diyoka made his appearance. He was invited, on that occasion, only to fight us and that is how he was introduced into the ministry!


Here is their final declaration:

"We have seen that you are preaching false doctrines because you say that Brother Frank is the one who has the Sword and the Spirit, that he is Matt. 24:45, a messenger of God. Therefore, we forbid you to speak to anyone from today. We do not believe that Brother Frank has the Sword of the Spirit. He is not our leader and he is not the servant of Matt. 24:45. Starting tomorrow, your names will be published before the assembly. »


Thus, they excommunicated us from the assembly on a certain Saturday, around 11:30 p.m.' and the next day published fourteen false points to work the assembly against us. So, all who heard this publication had pity on us, thinking it was so.


These fourteen points were Brother Baruti Kasongo's own invention, according to his own testimony given to IPN in 1985. He published among other things: These brothers say that:

  • Brother Frank is the eighth messenger,
  • Brother Frank is Joshua,
  • Brother Frank is Elisha,
  • Brochures are dead letters,
  • The circular letters are the new message,
  • Neither the Bible nor pamphlets are to be read, but only circular letters, etc.


Thus, there were only two assemblies in Kinshasa first and then in the interior of the country. As there was only one assembly in each city, which is biblical, those who wanted to support Brother Frank's ministry took a stand and were regarded as "frankists" while those who wanted to turn away from his ministry, accepted the new doctrine of the "seven thunders". Thus, there was a duplication of assemblies everywhere.





Until the end of 1984, only one Assembly was in the biblical order, apart from Righini's, which was the one that had gone out to defend the ministry of food distribution. It is written:

"He who receives the one I send receives me, and he who rejects him rejects me. »


So, God was absent from Righini because He left with those who were excommunicated because of His Word. It is therefore obvious that He could not be among those who went out afterwards, because all had rejected Him as an Assembly.


They had not noticed God's action among them because at that time, God could not speak to them in any other way than through their own so-called elders. But when they saw that the foretold judgments were falling, then all of them rushed and took advantage of the same breach they had tried to close, to save their own lives, like Lot in Zoar.


December 1985


Six months after the exit of the first group, currently called the "Assembly of

Bandalungwa /The Early Church ", the assembly of Righini was visited by two brothers (André Morin and Larry Fournier) who brought the so-called revelation of seven thunders.


Brother Diyoka, who had already received this teaching, was introduced into the ministry, always with the aim of fighting us, to lay the new foundations on which the assembly was now to be built.


This is what led the others to come out of Righini a year later. Like Lot, they never wanted to arrive at the place indicated, that is, where the first group similar to Abraham's was located, which can be considered to be at the head of the march (Gen.19.17). They made their own excuses because they wanted to hide the fight they had waged against the work of the Holy Spirit. They said among other things: "You are Frankists, you say that the Holy Spirit is not there, you believe that Brother Frank is the eighth messenger, Brother Frank does not have the "Thus saith the Lord", he has nothing to tell us, he is not Matt. 24:45, after Brother Branham it is all over, etc." (Gen. 19:17). »


They put forward all these arguments in order to keep away from us, being reproached by their own conscience. This group went out because of seven thunders and split into two: one branch to LINGWALA and one to MASINA.


"One of the angels said to Lot: Flee for your life; do not look back, do not linger anywhere in the area; take refuge in the mountain if you want to stay alive. Lot replied, "No, Lord, it is not possible. Of course, I benefited from your benevolence and you did me a great favor by saving my life. But I will not be able to flee to the mountain until misfortune comes upon me, and I will die. You see that little town? It's close enough for me to run all the way there. Let me take refuge there since it's so small, and I'll be safe." That is why they called this town Tsoar- the Tiny One. "(Gen.19:17-22, Current English).


That is how we have today several "Tsoars" - the Miniscules, the assemblies of Lot, because they did not have enough energy to reach the mountain.


"You, on the contrary, have had access to the mountain of Zion and the city of the Living God, to this Heavenly Jerusalem, constituted by the family of the children of God, with these thousands of angels forming a joyful choir. You approached the assembly on the feast of the sons of God whose names are written in heaven and of God Himself who does justice to all men. You have entered communion with those who have been justified and have now reached the goal. You have come to Jesus Christ, the Mediator of the New Covenant, and you have been purified by His Blood, which brings us a more reassuring message than that of Abel. So beware. Please do not close your ears to the voice of him that speaks. "(Heb.12:22-25, Living Word).


As the word indicates, "Zoar" means: Few things, the Miniscule. What can we expect from all these "Zoar" assemblies where incest between the father and his daughters is the basis of their reproduction? The Ammonites and the Moabites are the daughter-assemblies coming out of "Zoar". These daughters had said: "There are no men in the region to marry us...". " And their mother had been turned into a pillar of salt, which is considered today as the pillar of fire, in all the assemblies that came out of Sodom. This is what happens to all those who look back to believe and preach as they did in Righini. They all become pillars of salt. (Gen.19:31)

We know that all those who are like Ruth the Moabitess will agree to follow Naomi to Beith-EL-lehem.



On this date, that is, three months after our exit, Brother Barilier came and accepted to preach in this same assembly in Righini (Righini I). In fact, since 1983, when we were rejected, Brother Barilier returned to the country only after three years. And he was led to speak against all the doctrines that came out of seven thunders.


Since the Assembly was already well established in these teachings, and since all the preachers, except one (Brother Kande), had become thunderbolts, decided to arrest Brother Barilier and close the door on him. This is what outraged some of the drivers. They resolved to separate from the other extremist group, but all of them were thunderbolts. The reason for their departure was their indignation that Brother Barilier had been humiliated.


The latter group moved to MATETE, in Brother Kande's plot, after January 1987. A year later, in 1988, contacted by Brother Firmin, this group agreed to join the smallest one at 18th Limete Street (as all had left at that time) and returned to Righini 2 after another year to settle in Brother Tshiyombo's plot, after a tragic separation.


Let us recall that the assembly of LIMETE was first settled in Bandalungwa, in the house of Brother Firmin Badibanga. After having been preached by Brother Pierre KAS, it attached itself to him until the day when iniquity was found in him. He said, "Brother Kas, all of us were following you and were under your influence; but now I have seen and separated from you. Brother Emmanuel has also just seen and separated". He said, "Brother Thomas is about to see too. "That's how he flattered people. In spite of this, he still remained with us, but only, he had stopped the march of the assembly by interminable disturbances. While Brother Peter was on a missionary trip to the Lower Congo, two brothers came from Krefeld with a recommendation from Brother Frank. They were Henrik Wahlströem and Markou Vuori.


In his haste, our brother presented his social situation to one of these two visiting brothers, Henrik Wahlströem. Henrik Wahlströem understood that it was very dangerous to leave the assembly under the responsibility of such a man (because he had presented himself, in our absence, as a responsible pastor, seeking to usurp the leadership when he was only a young convert), and insisted that he would pray for the ministers, just at the end of his ministry in our city.


His aim was to show the assembly that they could not be influenced by the spirit that was upon this brother, since he did not want to put his life in order, with regard to the Word of God, concerning marriage. An elder must be married.


Marriage is the first of God's blessed institutions and as such, marriage must be respected by all (Heb.13:4). But God will judge adulterers and debtors. It is written since Genesis: "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. "It is not written that men shall cleave to their wives.

In I Cor.6 we read: "Whoever attaches himself to the harlot, becomes one flesh with her. "Prostitution is like polyandry. And polyandry was rejected by God Himself from the beginning and instead, Polygamy was instituted (having several wives at the same time like Abraham, like Israel, like David, like Solomon, like Jesus Christ, like God Himself).


An elderly person had already warned us, saying, "Where this woman dwells, there the devil dwells, and from there you will also be attacked." This was confirmed literally; for already four times she had been asked to sit down. This was the main cause of his discontent, which led him to influence a few brethren whom he brought under his control; and with them he formed his own assembly (18th Limete Street) where he reigned as absolute master. The brother

Nathaniel (Emmanuel) "was the very first to be flattered, and without him he would no longer exist in the realm of the spirit because he was not even known yet.


All the others can fight us in their own way, but the meanest is the one who came out of this house as a rebel against his father. Absalom was one of the most fearsome sons that King David had. He made war against his father many days, being animated by a visceral hatred. He even took his father's own wives as his mothers. He then discovered his father's blanket several times and put himself under the curse as it is written:


"Cursed be he that lieth with any of his father's wives, for he hath violated his father's rights, and all the people shall answer: Amen. "(Deut. 27:20, Current French).


David fled with his valiant men. But despite this, he still loved him to the point that when he died, he wept bitterly and Israel's victory turned into national mourning. Even Saul was loved by David, even though Saul had made several attempts on the life of King David, a man after the heart of God. One could not hate and the other could not love. These are the characteristics found in the seeds. Those who have been contaminated hate us to the point that they cannot even put their feet in our workplace or hold in their hands a brochure from the Missionary Centre, the only one operating in the country, ordained by God.


When Brother Henrik Wahlstroëm was among us, after his separation from Brother Markou Vuori, he wanted to crown his ministry with the blessing of the preachers he found in our assembly, the only one that existed at that time, apart from that of seven thunders (Righini 1).


Three of us were blessed as elders while the other was presented as a deacon. This is what finally revolted him and caused him to leave the assembly. He placed himself in opposition from that time until today. And everything he does is an imitation of what we do. And to discredit this peaceful work, he agreed that Brother Henrik Wahlstroëm should be drugged and the separation was consummated, because one could no longer expect to find such practices in the church! Here is the assembly!


Since then their opposition has manifested itself in deeds to this day. If they learn that we have been on television, they are obliged to go too. If we go to a certain country in Africa or Europe, they do everything to go there to sow discord. As we were asked by the Lord to open a Missionary Centre for Central Africa, whether you believe it or not, they also made a mock centre, always with the aim of fighting us.


Just like last night, they gave us back the brochures that were sent to them two years ago. See for yourselves. Those who do so testify to being filled with the Holy Spirit!


This brother said in the presence of Brother Frank, here at the Missionary Centre: "I cannot work with these brothers because they add things in the circular letters and I can also have, like them, a centre". This prompted Brother Frank to reprimand him in the presence of all his colleagues: "Brother, this is not the time to drive your own car. The brothers add in the circular letters but not in the books. Here I am talking about my two books (Traditional Christianity ... and the Apocalypse ...) Even the Offset machines you are talking about are already looking for a customer, because it won't work. We have the experience with the brother from Finland".


So much for the multiplicity of assemblies coming out of Righini. All the others are prayer groups, not being part of the pure stock. After this period, the thunderbolts began to go out among themselves. This is the case for example of brother Diyoka in 1991, and others.



All these assemblies, which came out of Righini after 1984, had something in common on the

educational plan:

  • All claimed to have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit since the assembly at Righini and

preached that this was experienced as soon as you believed.

  • They all taught that the new birth is the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • According to them, you are not born again until you are baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • You do not have eternal life until you are baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • You are not justified until you are baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • You are not saved until you are baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • They also taught that in order to share in the resurrection, you first have to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, for according to all of them, the first rain was the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • Therefore, they did not believe that the first rain was the teaching brought by the prophet Branham. And for this, they made a play on words between "first" and "rain. They said that the word "first" means "teaching" while "rain" means "Spirit". Thus, they came to the conclusion that the first rain brings both the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the teaching, before the latter rain, which, according to them, was a simple anointing that comes upon those who were already baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • They taught that the latter rain was not the outpouring of the Holy Spirit bringing the baptism, nor the first rain, the teaching.
  • The truth presented to them remains valid to the end:: The first rain is the teaching of the original Word of God as it was brought by the holy prophets and apostles, while the latter rain is a rain of the Spirit, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which comes upon all those who have received the Word, as it was in the beginning, in Acts 2:1-4; Acts 4:31; Acts 8:15-17; Acts 10:44; Acts 19:6, etc." (Acts 2:1-4). »
  • For them, the Summit Stone was not the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the sealing.
  • Others even said that it was in the air that the building would be completed.
  • For them, in the latter rain or restoration, no one could be saved any more, for those who were saved were already in the so-called body already completed.
  • Others even said that the latter rain had already fallen, i.e. they were already restored.
  • They persist in this falsehood saying that the restoration begins with the new birth when the Scripture clearly says: "And behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet...". This one comes for the restoration of all things ... which heaven must receive ...", not until the time of the message of restoration, but " ... until the time of the restoration of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of His holy prophets.
  • We have to ask ourselves this question: "All these people who are disturbing the people, are they really in the message of the end time, which is the restoration of all things? They believe everything but the message itself.


On this subject, the prophet Branham says in " Recognizing the day and its message " :

"What will be restored? You, brethren, whatever your Christian denominations, note this: the original Feast of Pentecost must be restored as it was in the beginning. It must be restored by a certain thing. Malachi 4 proves it."

This shows that it is not the prophet who restores, for of the Lord Jesus Peter said:

"He has received the promised Holy Spirit and poured out the Holy Spirit upon us as you see and hear...»

Elijah also said in I Kings 18:37:

"Answer me YaHWeH, that the people may know that it is You who restore their hearts, and the fire of the Lord fell. »

For his part, John the Baptist said:

"I baptize you with water to bring you to repentance... ...and he shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire" (Matt. 3:11).

  • They wanted to see the straws in our eyes instead of trying to remove the beams in theirs.
  • They maintain, until now, against all truth, that there can be several assemblies in a city, and they even call them in their ignorance "local assemblies".