To Mr. Joseph Branham

President of VGR - Voice of God Recordings

5911 Charlestown Pike,

Jeffersonville, IN 47130


Mr. President,

One of the few ways to reach you is through open letters, since you do not accept any interviews or adversarial debates, private or public, on your controversial teachings, as Paul used to do with the apostles in Jerusalem. However, it is very important that the public knows that you are in open rebellion against the divine commandments and your doctrine is contrary to that of the apostles and the prophet of God-Elohim, Brother William Branham. The latter was perfectly at ease when challenged on his doctrine. In one of his many sermons on the new birth, he related the story of an impersonator in Martin's time – who bears a striking similarity to the present situation – and who was afraid of challenges. He would pretend to be one of the prophets of the Old Testament among the boys in a monastery.

At midnight, voices were heard, and the boastful boy showed up in a bright white robe, as he had announced. But to the old bishop of the little school it didn’t sound right, for in addition to his deception, this scatterbrain was demanding and proclaimed, “Now all of you take orders from me. I am the Old Testament prophet.”  Brother Branham indicates that a true prophet does not act like this, and that the fruits proved that he wasn’t a prophet. “Prophets are not made, they’re predestinated,” Brother Branham said. The old bishop, led by the Spirit of God, sought to compare that boy's claims with the prophet Martin and challenged him, saying, “All right, one thing now you do to prove to us. Scripturally you’re wrong. How about going over to Martin and stand before him and tell him that?”

But this boy flatly refused and exclaimed, “Oh, I am forbidden to stand before Martin.” But a group of brothers grabbed him, and the robe vanished, because it looked like the real thing, but it wasn’t according to the Word. In conclusion of that story, Brother Branham, displays the Bible, saying, “Take it to the testing machine. Here is the Testing Machine. He that’s got good gold don’t dread going to the testing machine.” [1] He who has the Truth has the assurance and can make challenges. He does not proclaim himself a prophet just so that the brethren will do his bidding and he will prosper his own business instead of the Father's.

"I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ. » [2]

To disagree and rebut the opponents is the ordinary and usual task of Yeshua's disciples, especially when the divine message is distorted by false prophets. Those who trouble believers are on earth, but the tormenting spirits are in heavenly places. The apostle Paul also includes them in his warning and emphasizes that a curse must be placed on anyone who departs from the Gospel of Christ, even if it is an angel from heaven. By placing himself under the possible curse in case of flagrant apostasy, Paul shows that no one is above the Bible and the Gospel of Christ, be he an apostle, prophet, doctor, pastor, evangelist, bishop, or deacon. Knowing that the 7 Thunders and the 7th Seal of Revelation have not been revealed is vital for all those who wish to go forward with Elohim-God and reach the end of the journey, which is the change of our mortal bodies and the Rapture.

Mr. President, all those who preach like empty barrels without any revelation that the 7 Thunders are revealed, would never have dared to do it while Brother Branham was alive. They use the opportunity of his departure to sprinkle the church with their toxic poison. You too would have never ventured to write your articles if your father were still with us. You are confusing people because you have not yet understood the meaning of the ministry of our brother, the prophet William Branham. This is happening to you because you suffer from the pedantry of the self-taught, whose ministry has not been tested in a local assembly. For lack of having gone through the transformative process of a genuine new birth and correction by your peers, you have rather been influenced by Brother Branham's supportive comments about the prophet Joseph, to the extent of making real what can be described as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unfortunately, there is no improvement in your performance. Fortunately, the Spirit who speaks to the churches is still present. The purpose of my letter is to pinpoint and rebut by the Word of God some of your misplaced comments about the Laodicean age, its messenger, his so-called infallibility, the wording of the 1946 commission, the Rapture faith, the 7 Thunders and the 7th Seal.


On December 26, 2020, in your French article entitled The Eagles Gathering Together, you write about Revelation 10:7 which says: “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” Mr. President, kindly note that it does not say that the mysteries will be revealed, but that one single mystery will be fulfilled. We do know that it is the mystery of God, which is Christ, and It is going to be fulfilled in chapter 11:15, when the seventh angel sounds his trumpet to mark the ushering into the millennium. We also know that the mysteries that were to be revealed were part of the Bible.

“It opened up and revealed all the things that the reformers and things had left out. It was the complete revelation of Jesus Christ, altogether new to us, but perfectly exactly with the Scripture. That was the Word which has always been. I was so inspired and directed.” [3]

At no time did the voices of the 7 Thunders of Revelation appear among the “things” that Luther and others left out. The apostle John died with his secret, just as Brother Branham died without revealing it. I challenge you to prove otherwise. I will come back to this in the last part of this letter.

Instead of referring to Malachi 4:5-6 – which speaks of the ministries of Elijah, John the Baptist and William Branham – and Revelation 3:14, to lay the groundwork for the commission of “a mighty angel in this last age to reveal all the mysteries which he had hidden from the foundation of the world,” [4] you choose to quote chapter 10:7, emphasizing “the voice” in the singular and not "the voices" in the plural, as if to tell us that we must listen to that voice alone. If that angel's voice is the only one, why do you speak and why do you want us to listen to you? In public, you deny being a prophet. In private, however, you get the brethren to believe that you are a prophet because you give out the taped sermons of Brother Branham, for which you have the franchise. We can see the fruit of your seed in Brother Stephen, the son of Helen Borders, or in Brother Norman, son-in-law of Brother Capps, who you managed to deceive. You made them believe that as a prophet, you also have a say. Nevertheless, you often mistake your voice and that of your denomination for the Voice of God. Watch out, Mr. President, your robe will soon vanish, just like in Martin's time! Since you believe everything that Brother Branham said, also believe that “The first three chapters of the Book of Revelation reveals all the happenings unto the Church. Then, from the 3rd chapter unto the 19th chapter of Revelation, there is no more seen of the Church. The Church goes up at the 4th chapter of Revelation, and returns back at the 19th chapter of Revelation, the Bride and the Groom, together, coming to the earth. And then from the 19th chapter to the conclusive of the 22nd chapter, it’s all on the Millennium and what will be in the years that is to follow it. During the 4th to the 19th, God is dealing with Israel.” [5] CHAPTER 10:7 IS ABOUT THE TIME WHEN GOD DEALS WITH ISRAEL.

Furthermore, it is well said: “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write [...] He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Rev. 3:14, 22). Unless you claim that William Branham is the Holy Spirit – which would not surprise me, since you preach on the sly that Brother Branham is divine – please bear in mind that the elect who have ears listen to the Spirit and not to your voice. The ministry of William Branham is in accordance to Revelation 3:14 and the message of the 7th angel of the Church of Laodicea is a written message that was delivered to him through the apostle John from the island of Patmos. The mysteries contained therein are written mysteries. You are misplacing the Scriptures, because you wrongly put the 7th trumpet angel of Revelation 10:7 into the age of Laodicea in chapter 3:14-22. You thereby imply that the 6th trumpet angel would have sounded in the age of Philadelphia (9:13), the 5th in the age of Sardis (9:1), the 4th in the age of Thyatira (8:12), the 3rd in the age of Pergamum (8:10), the 2nd in the age of Smyrna (8:8) and the 1st in the age of Ephesus (8:7). You overlook that chapter 10 is the continuation of chapters 8 and 9! It is the dispensation reserved for the Jews. In chapters 2:1 to 3:22, the messages to the angels of the Gentile church ages are mentioned. Brother Branham is the earthly messenger of the Church of Laodicea and not the 7th heavenly angel among the “seven angels who stand before God,” [6] to whom a trumpet was given.

Moreover, the very core of your belief and teaching is summarized in this speech:

"Most will reject him. Some will say that we shouldn't believe everything he says, only when he says, 'Thus saith the Lord. There are errors in his message. He is not alone, there are others called and anointed to lead the Bride and reveal the truth. » [7]

Why do you make the “Thus saith the Lord” a threat to the believers? When you say that “some will say that we should not believe everything he says, only when he says 'Thus saith the Lord',” you are referring to us, the believers of the Early Church. But those who only believe in “Thus saith the Lord” are sure to listen to what the Spirit has said, without rejecting Brother Branham; they know how to make a difference in the stages of the ministry, between the prophetic, teaching, pastoral, and evangelist ministry; between the man William Branham, who was prone to error, like any other man, and Jesus Christ, who is the Infallible Lord, God blessed forever. Moreover, according to Brother Branham, seeing and accepting the “Thus saith the Lord” is the proof or evidence of the Holy Spirit, as he reports in the Questions and Answers:

" Now, that’s no evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? You can’t rely upon that. You can’t rely upon the fruit of the Spirit, because the first fruit of the Spirit is love. And the Christian Science exercise more love than anybody I know of, and they even deny Jesus Christ being Divine. See? There’s only one evidence of the Holy Spirit that I know of, and that is a genuine faith in the promised Word of the hour! [...] The same thing repeats! That’s the evidence of the Holy Ghost, when God reveals to you and you see it, THUS SAITH THE LORD and accept it. Not what you are, what you was, or nothing about it, it’s what God has done for you now. There’s the evidence. » [8]

You will never convince a true elect that believing only in the Thus saith the Lord is a mistake; on the contrary, you are deceiving yourself and those who follow you. Brother Branham was honest enough to acknowledge that:

" If the prophet rises and tells you that This is just That, and God don’t vindicate the same, forget it. See? But God, in every statement, in everything, has to vindicate It, to make It right. See? So, His children will watch those things, see, and be alert, notice. » [9]

God did not vindicate every statement Brother Branham made, but He vindicated his message. Just remember his calculations for the year 1977 to be convinced of this. Since you believe everything he said instead of Thus saith the Lord, you also believe that it has been 44 years since we are in the middle of the millennium, right? Where are you living your famous millennium reign? In Sellersburg, at the Young Foundation? Is your palace on Ewing Lane? Don't you see, Mr. President, that when it was necessary, William Branham himself corrected his words, as when he confessed that he taught the horse rider on the white horse in Revelation 6:2 was the Holy Spirit, based on the notes of unauthorized persons? Since you blame us for saying that there are errors in his sermons, be brave enough to claim that the horse rider of Revelation 6:2 with the bow without an arrow is the Holy Spirit! Be true to yourself! Contrary to what you think, teaching errors did not take away the quality of prophet from Brother Branham. Because when he was under the inspiration of the Spirit, he only repeated what was said to him. Inspiration is a direct statement that God tells to His prophets, like when the Spirit told Brother Branham to “Pick up the pen.” [10] Some sing that inspiration is stronger than Scripture, but they forget that prophecies are prophecies of Scripture, and that “holy men of God spake as they were moved (or inspired) by the Holy Ghost.” [11] Mr. President, it looks like you have lost sight of the fact that all the angel-messengers were listening to what the Spirit was saying to the churches and that the believers were keeping and repeating what was written. [12] We are watching, to see if things are right and vindicated by the Scripture. This is what you call “not believing everything he says,” but there is a huge difference between “being watchful” and “not believing everything he says.” As I just showed you with the horse rider, if you blindly believe and repeat everything Brother Branham said without judgment, you have no discernment and you are not fit for preaching. You should choose another job.

We know that when Brother Branham refers to Revelation 10:7, he does so in part, clearly making a distinction between the angel of the voice and the angel of the trumpet. William Branham did not come with a trumpet, but with a message. Mr. President do not take these warnings lightly. The time of divine retribution is fast approaching! The time is coming to give an account to the Creator, and it is very important that you understand that the opening of the seals and mysteries takes place in chapter 6 and not in chapter 10. The mysteries that were hidden during the Church Ages are revealed in the Seals and not in the Trumpets. All who know the Message know that the first four seals apply to the church of the nations during the Gentile dispensation. The fifth and sixth seals relate to Israel, while the seventh is the seal of the end that brings Jesus Christ back to earth to reign in the Millennium. [13] Placing the church elsewhere and teach otherwise is to spread error, and serve the antichrist whose mission is to deceive the souls of the hungry sheep. Take the side of Jesus Christ, or you will be judged for spraying such toxic teaching. If you do not repent, your brother, Billy Paul – who manipulates you like a puppet – and yourself, are going to fall into the hands of the living God. The fact that you were born as biological sons of Brother Branham will not save you. Also, please note that since Bro. Branham did not bring the revelation of the 7 Thunders either, he is not that angel of Revelation 10:7. Leave this verse in its context, as he himself taught when he said:

" Revelation 10 said, “The seventh angel’s Message.” Now remember, that’s right at the Seven Trumpets, and there’s seven angels blow Seven Trumpets. That’s what we’re coming to next. But remember where, very specifically It said, “The angel’s…,” not the seventh angel’s Trumpet, but the “seventh angel’s Message.” See, not the Trumpet angel, the Message angel! See, the angel only sounded the trumpet, that seventh angel, the Trumpet angel. But this says, “In the days of the Message of the seventh angel,” see, when his Message is finished. See, that’s the church age Message. In this time, then he would…the Message, not the Trumpet, and “the mystery of God (that’s written in the Word) should be finished. " [14]

By ending his statement with “that’s written in the Word,” the man of God points to the Bible as the Word of God, which is the source of all reference. When you refer to "the Word," Mr. President, we do not really know what you are referring to, because you do not even quote the Word in question. Those who do this, end up blame it on God many things that come from their own belief. Are you the only one in the Message who does not know that all the trumpets sounded under the Sixth Seal because there was a silence in the Seventh, and that the Seven Trumpets have nothing to do with the Church?

" Then when I come to this part here, of preaching the Seven Trumpets, I was thought, “Well, I’ll not try to think anything. I’ll just wait till that time and let Him reveal it to me.” And then yesterday when I was…I went into the room and wondering why…Or, beg your pardon, it was day before yesterday. When I went into the room, to try to understand, it was there that the Holy Spirit opened up this, to show me the reason it not profitable even for the Church at this time, ’cause it has nothing to do with the Church, at all. » [15]

" Now let me say this right here, that, every Trumpet that blowed, blowed under the Sixth Seal. We’ll get to it in a few minutes, where we caught the Seal there. All the Trumpets sounded under the Sixth Seal Because, the Seventh Seal, there was silence. “No one knew; that was the minute or hour that Christ would come,” as He revealed it to us. But every Trumpet sounded under the Sixth Seal, under the persecution of the Jews. Notice, Revelation now, 8th, and begin with the 7th verse. All was the calling out of Israel, natural, in Egypt; now it’s the calling out of Israel, in the spiritual sense. He was making them ready to come to the feast of the Atonement.” [16]


All the 7 Trumpets sound in the 6th seal and only there. When you put the angel of the Church of Laodicea in chapter 10 with the 7th trumpet, you go beyond the sixth seal. That is the reason why nobody should listen to your voice, because you are a disordered impersonator who perverts the Word. There is so much to rebut, but I would like to deal with the question of infallibility.


Mr. President, when we see your lack of objectivity, inadequacy, and ineptitude, we have the right to ask you a fundamental question: are you even aware of where in the world you are leading the Branham Tabernacle and those who follow your teachings? Do you have any sense left to sit down and think about what you are writing before you post it? Denying errors makes an individual less trustworthy and jeopardizes their chances of being corrected subsequently. When you declare Brother Branham's words infallible, you seriously undermine his credibility in the eyes of those who may discover obvious errors in his statements.


For example, here is what you say about the so-called infallibility of the tapes:

"Glory! Hallelujah! The Voice we hear when we PRESS ON READING is given perfectly, and understood perfectly, AND IT SPEAKS THE WORDS OF INFALLIBILITY. (Webster: incapable of error.)" [17]

Mr. President, didn't you read the warning that the editors of Merriam-Webster – which you quoted – give in their "Did You Know? " heading, after they defined the word infallibility? You are quick to claim that you have perfectly understood what is being said. You further state that the listener who hears the tapes hears "an infallible voice and words" because Brother Branham is, as you think, "incapable of error". Below are the full contents of the heading to clarify the purpose of my objection.

               "Watch out when you hear about infallible predictions, an infallible plan, an infallible cure, or even infallible lip gloss. Infallible isn't a claim that scientists, engineers, and doctors like to make, so you're probably getting better information when the word not comes first. You may have heard the phrase "papal infallibility", which refers to the official position of the Roman Catholic church, adopted in the 19th century, that certain solemn statements made by a Pope about faith or morals were not to be questioned. Popes since then have been careful not to make many of these statements. »  [18]

Even the Roman Catholics, who came before you with the anti-Christian doctrine of papal infallibility, are carefully backing away from that anti-scriptural dogma. You however, Mr. President, like a fool, do proclaim the same dogma and extend it to the very prophet who taught to stay away from all iniquity coming from Babylon! You are bringing the Branham Tabernacle back to Babylon and Rome, in the opposite direction to the heavenly Jerusalem and Christ. You cancel all the efforts made by the man of God to drop the wine cup of the Great Harlot.[19] William Branham was not a divine man, but a mere man like all of us. You have fallen from grace by thinking otherwise. You enjoy equating him with Elijah, but remember that the apostle James said, “Elijah was a man of the same nature as we are.” [20] We are all fallible by our birth through sin, including Brother Branham. No prophet can escape this rule. Only the Messiah-Mashyah was born by a new and virginal birth, thus making him perfect and infallible, incapable of committing sin. The new birth does not make us infallible, but it does give us the power to become children of God. [21] Your search on Merriam-Webster should have led you to consider one of the quotes retrieved from examples on the Web, like this one:

"There is fallibility in human nature, even in those who present themselves as infallible, and perhaps even more so in these people. »  [22]

This is not from me, but from your own sources, which you apparently only read halfway. Yet you are asked to be careful and exercise the utmost caution regarding human works presented as infallible. I can say that you are responsible for leading away from the Truth the innocent souls who hunger and thirst for the Word of God. It is the infallible God that people are looking for and not the religion that you try to manufacture as a cover around the name of the prophet. You are committing a sin that leads to death! The infallibility is in the divine message and not in human words, of which the Bible confirms that there is no difference between men and that every man is a liar. [23]

The prophet of God taught about divine infallibility in a different way and with other motives than yours. He showed that God never changes His mind about His Word. Everything He has spoken through His Word must come to pass. He acts as though He did in the first place. He does not advance and cannot get a better idea. He does not learn or get smarter; He is Perfect and Infallible. If He is not the same today as He was yesterday, then He is not God and He is wrong. At no time did Brother Branham take on these attributes. Quite the contrary, he always counted himself among the fallible people, as we read below:

“When a person’s crying for mercy and He acts this a way and heals them, and their faith looks to Him, and they believe Him with a pure unadulterated faith believing in Him, and He asks that requirement, “If you can believe you can be healed.” And then He turns back over here and this man said, “Lord, You know my heart, I believe You,” and won’t do it, He couldn’t be God and do that. He has to act the same way He did here, or He did wrong here. Then if He done wrong, He’s not God. So there you are. He isn’t infallible. Then He’s just like we—we would be. Have to say, “Well, I acted that way, but I made a mistake there.” See? “But I won’t make the mistake over here.” See, God can’t do that and be God. He has to be God forever. See? He has to be the same forever. He has to act the same way every time. And He does do it. And I’ve seen it proven over, and over, and over again that I know He does [24]

Now listen, once God expresses His thought and makes it a Word, He can never take It back. Oh, my. You see it? He can’t backup on it. He can’t say, "Well, I’m sorry, I made a mistake.” He can’t. He’s infallible. He’s omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. See, you and I, as we grow along, we become educated and smarter and everything. We advance, the human race advance; everything advances but God. He was perfect to begin with; He will be perfect when it’s all over; He’s still perfect. He can’t say, “Well, I got a better way of doing it, because I’ve learned more.” He was perfect to start with.” [25]

Mr. President, unless you are a blind follower, you must admit that Brother Branham advanced in knowledge from the first to the third Pull. His ministry went through several stages and the revelation of the mysteries only came in the last one. Like every prophet and like every man, he learned things that he did not know before. As he learned them, the Bible became completely new to him. If God is keeping this fact from you, no one can help you. Sadly for you, every word of Brother Branham is said by God; that is to say, you do not make any difference between God, the perfect and infallible Creator, and Branham, the fallible creature born in sin. You are committing blasphemy by putting infallibility in the man Branham and by seeking to make him higher than other men. Soon you will answer for it on the day of judgment. You are working for the antichrist and at his service.

Like the church of Rome, which promotes the pontifical infallibility, the branhamist infallibility is now the official stand of the Branham Tabernacle. Shame on you to bring so much reproach on the End Time Message! Shame on you for having undermined the fruit of hard years of work and tears spent by your father to try to dispense the pure apostolic prophetic teaching of the Bible, just to promote your personal business! Your "ministry" has nothing in common with your father's and looks more like a marketing campaign than an evangelistic one. The tapes and their contents are declared "infallible" to "boost" the sales. Instead of being an ambassador for the Kingdom we stand for, you have become a brand ambassador for the Branham trademark rather than the Lord Jesus Christ!

No tape or sermon can be lifted above the Word of God and none is equal to the Bible. None can ever replace the Bible in the power or capacity of infallibility. Mr. President, no man is infallible! Your Dad, as well as us, was opposed to the Popes infallibility. But when you proclaim it because you took a statement of the prophet out of context, you falsely put the listening of the tapes in the Branham Tabernacle over the Holy Word.. Once again, I do feel responsible to insist on this plain and simple truth through the lips of the prophet:

The infallibility of the Holy Spirit. Not the infallibility of the man, the man has no infallibility. But the Holy Spirit is absolutely infallible. Don't pretend nothing. You be what you are. When you say, "I now accept Christ as my Healer," you mean that. Don't you just slip around the corner and say, "Well, I'll try Brother Roberts when he comes in or somebody else." Don't you never do that. That's a dangerous thing, very dangerous. And you—you be just what you are. And if you're not a Christian, don't say you are. If you're a sinner, admit it. God knows it.” [26]

Now, the churches is what I mean. I could…I disagree with the Catholic doctrine. I could not be a Catholic in that manner, the Roman Catholic church, because, they, “The infallibility of the pope; and the church over the Word; and the church being above the Bible.” I couldn’t do that. » [27]

I’m a Bible worshipper. I believe that that is God’s Word. There is nothing over It, never will be. And as long as there is an Eternity, It’ll still be the Word of God. See? I believe that is. Now, I… There may be things there that I don’t understand. Maybe things that I can’t bring to pass, with my little weak faith I have. Maybe I can’t bring it to pass, but it’s still the Truth. It’s God’s Word. It’s God’s Word. Regardless of what anyone else says, I believe It to be the Word of God.” [28]

One more proof that you are misguided is in your opening statement about the Laodicean age, when you are all praise for William Branham, whom you glorify more than Jesus Christ. Don’t you know that Jesus Christ-Yeshua Ha Mashyah was the Angel of the Covenant, the Amen and the Beginning and Origin of God's creation? What has He done to you that you would belittle Him in this way? Yet it is He who walks in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks and sends the heavenly and earthly angel-messengers, including William Branham.  [29]

          "The Bride is very excited and very eager, as we prepare to hear the momentous Message of the final Church Age, Laodicea. This is the greatest age of all time, with the greatest messenger of all time, gathering the greatest people of all time. » [30]

Who told you that the Bride is already formed, when Paul speaks rather of the Bride betrothed to one Bridegroom?  [31] You are in too much of a hurry with regard to God's plan and like Eve, you are playing the part of a corrupt whore who is already impregnated by a man-made doctrine. The church that is married to Roman creeds cannot be the Bride. Since Brother Branham left, have you ever seen the Bride Church with a ministry equal to Jesus Christ the Head of the Body, or a ministry that looks like that of Brother Branham, with numerous miracles and healings?

But watch, when the spiritual Bride, when She begins to have a revival, when She begins to come back and line Herself up with the Word of God. Watch then again, you see, how that the Scriptures, at that time, there’ll be a Message sweep out to catch that Bride, catch that Woman, Elect.” [32]

And a man that’s born of God, a son of God, has to have the nature of God. He has to be like God. He honors God. He is part of the Word of God. And in this last days, of this Bride taking form, just exactly the same power that He was in at the beginning, has come up through these organizations, and so forth, and come out for the Bride. He can’t be nothing else but that. » [33]

 You just try to manufacture the faith of the Rapture and claim to be the Bride. But the members of the Church who are to form the true Body of the Bride are still waiting for the restoration of the promised Spirit. [34] No, Mr. President, Brother Branham is not the greatest messenger of all time, but Jesus Christ or Yeshua Ha Mashyah – blessed be His Name forever – is the Greatest Messenger of all time! You don't even know that He was sent by His Father. When He performed His earthly ministry, He said, "behold, a greater than Solomon is here." Even today, since He lives, He is still greater than William Branham. You do not have the revelation of the mystery of God, that is why we can see in your unintelligent speech things said without the spiritual enlightenment of the Word of God. You do not preach the Bible; you exalt the man Branham instead of exalting the Man Jesus. When we, biblical Christians say, "Maranatha" (Our Lord, come), you say, "William Branham is coming back for the return ministry. "You are not fit to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you were called to preach – which you don't seem to be – you would have said that William Branham is the greatest prophet of all time besides Jesus Christ whose books on His wonders the world could not contain – and Moses! [35] Jesus Christ or Yeshua Ha Mashyah is a stranger to you, and you treat Him as an enemy; He is not your Master just as you are not His disciple. When we, biblical Christians say that we know the secret of the message and that "we have to take care of the Father's business" – confirming all the mysteries of God, even the seed of the serpent and marriage and divorce, etc. – we speak of all the mysteries of God. [36] But when you speak of the Father's business, you think of your father, and speak from the abundance of your heart, in which Jesus Christ is absent. The only things you want to deal with are those that bear the name of your father, William Branham. You are under the guidance of someone else and for similar cases, Paul concluded his epistle to the Corinthians with this truth: "If anyone does not love the Lord, let him be cursed. »  [37]


Mr. President, you do not only have a reading comprehension problem. Your hearing, even on elementary matters, which do not require substantial intellectual and spiritual effort, is also problematic. For on several occasions, the man of God has explained in what context the angel of the commission spoke to him in May 1946. For example, in How the Angel Came to Me, and His Commission, he says unequivocally:

"He... I said... I was looking at Him, like this. He said, "Do not fear," He was very calm, He said, "I am sent from the Presence of Almighty God to tell you that your strange birth..." You are aware of how my birth happened, there. That same Light was hanging over me at the time of my birth. So He said, "Your strange birth and your misunderstood life were meant to indicate that you should go out into the world and pray for the sick." He said, "And whatever their condition..." And He named, - God, who is my judge, knows, - He named "cancer." He said, "Nothing... If you bring people to believe you, and you are sincere when you pray, nothing will stand up to your prayers, not even cancer." You see, "If you get people to believe you." » [38]

William Branham had received two gifts: the gift of divine healing and the gift of discerning the thoughts of the heart, which the whole world has seen in action. This was part of the panoply reserved for ministers of his rank, who, like Moses, are equipped to confront the forces of the enemy, who hold people captive by sickness. Divine healing requires careful listening, obedience to His commands, and trust in God enough to recognize that He is “the Lord who heals you.” [39] From the Old Testament, we learn that God hears the prayers of the sick and answers them by sending them to His servants. Believers knew that God could inflict the wound, but He also binds it up; and even if He bruises, His hand heals afterwards. [40] This was true for the small and the great, the rich and the poor. Whether it was King Hezekiah [41]or Naaman the Syrian, [42] they had to trust the prophet who brought them the Word to receive their healing. The general Naaman was even angry that he was told to immerse himself seven times in the dirty waters of the Jordan, and that it was not the prophet who came to tell him in person. But his servants told him to comply and obey the instructions he was given to be cleansed of his leprosy.

Now, since you have a habit of misquoting things, here is how you present your abominable interpretation of what the angel of the commission said, since you have become hard of hearing. Here is your questionable version of what the angel of the commission said on May 7, 1946. I will compare it with Brother Branham's own account, to show you how you twist the meaning of everything you hear. You obviously do not have an "ear" to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

"The Word says that there will be a select group of people that will believe every word that this messenger from God said; for his very commission was "Get the people to believe YOU." » [43]

Mr. President, what "Word" are you talking about? You do not quote any verse from the Bible, which is the Word of God in question. What is this “select group of people” to whom the "Word" refers, saying that they "will believe every word that this messenger of God has spoken"?  Do you mean that this selected group of people to whom Brother Branham was sent is a sick group that will believe every word of the messenger? Apparently, you also claim to be a member of that group of sick people whom we don't know to this day if they are healed or not.. On the other hand, not everyone who is healed by divine healing is necessarily a Bible believer. Even if they trusted the messenger who brought them the Word of God as a true messenger and not as a charlatan. You can even fall sick with the same disease after being healed of it, because unbelief can bring it back, since healing takes place when the demon is cast out. But it can come back, says the Bible [44]. In the final analysis, therefore, you are mistaken about the meaning of the commission announced by the angel, and you fill the measure when you misinterpret his commission, which was not "Get the people to believe you," but "If you get the people to believe you," thereby indicating that the condition for receiving healing was to trust Brother Branham.

In the end, the general Naaman was healed without being a true believer although he recognized that there is no other God on earth than the God of Israel. He even asked the Lord for forgiveness in advance so that he could prostrate himself in the temple of the god Rimmôn together with his ruler who usually leans on his arm. A true believer would have announced his conversion to the king and refused to prostrate himself before an idol. But Naaman was not converted; he was only healed in his flesh. For him, nothing had changed inwardly after his physical healing obtained for obeying instructions. Thus, the angel reminded Brother Branham that he must strive to make people think that the healing is real and in line with the Scriptures, and to persuade them to trust him. William Branham did not try to draw people to him personally, but rather to God, the Only One Who can heal the sick, and whose servant he was.

Believe what, Brother Branham? You?” No, sir, not me. You believe me, and… I’m saying the Word. I’m not putting anything here. I’m just telling you what the Bible says about believing this Word. And that’s what I’ve done, is try to believe that Word just the way It’s wrote; I don’t add anything, take anything. I just read It just the way It is, and believe It just like that. And by the grace and help of Almighty God, He’s confirmed It.” [45]

Therefore, he prepared them for a mental attitude that would lead them to believe that physical healing is quite possible. This state of mind is, however, different from the attitude of adherence to the biblical faith which the believer applies towards God-Elohim through the revelation of the Word of the hour.

To come back to the example of Naaman, it is obvious that he was healed after he understood that healing comes from Elohim and that every word spoken under inspiration must be believed to the letter. He was told to immerse himself in the Jordan, not in one of the rivers of Damascus, the Amana and the Parpar. He would never have obtained his healing if he had changed the instructions given by the Spirit. This Syrian soldier was healed after he had come back from his great anger, after he had contested the terms of his healing, and after he had asked for the favor of continuing to bow down to the god Rimmôn, even though he recognized the supremacy of the God of Israel. He looked like a good church member, as there were many in William Branham's time and today. Please admit, Mr. President, that Naaman's attitude is not exactly what we call an attitude of faith, because faith is a revelation. Faith is a super sense that sees what the eye cannot see, and it accepts God's promises without the slightest doubt, trusting that He is able to accomplish whatever He has said. Like Job, even if he is not physically healed, the believer knows that his Redeemer lives and that He will raise him up on the day of Redemption. It is therefore in the context of physical healing that Brother Branham came to warn people to believe exactly what he said under inspiration, to save them from falling sick again with the same disease under the influence of the same demon assisted by seven stronger than him. [46]

            But that's because people are not informed. They leave and quit. And that same devil, he's standing there, taking control again. When God tells you something, here on the platform, by His Spirit, under His inspiration, don't doubt it, otherwise something worse will happen to you, this is what He said. Indeed, Jesus said that "the last condition of this man was seven times worse than the first". Right? When the unclean spirit went out of a man, it went to dry places, it came back with seven other demons. So don't be unbelieving. Stick strictly to that. Let it come from your heart. Say, "No sir! I will not flinch! No matter how sick I am, it has nothing to do with it." And before long you will be well again. Everything will be fine then. You see, she died. The-the operation by which the doctor would have removed it from you, that same tumor is there in you, but there is no life in it. » [47]

You have, Mr. President, extended this thought from the pulpit to the listening to tapes or reading brochures. In doing so, you have woefully erred and made shipwreck of the faith. May God-Elohim help you see that if you believe every word Brother Branham says, each one of those words must be spoken by the Spirit and under His inspiration! This is what we do every day in the Early Church, we believe every word as the Spirit has spoken and inspired it to the Church. It is not for the purpose of being cured of our diseases, unlike you. We are neither blind fanatics nor branhamists; we are biblical believers of the Word of God like our father Abraham before us. That is why we will not let you tarnish the reputation of Brother Branham, through whose ministry we have been brought back to the original faith of our apostolic fathers (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:10). The true believers of the Laodicean age believe the Thus saith the Lord and listen to what the Amen says, because they are part of the creation of God. Unlike the creation of the beginning, which fell away, and of which you are still a part, the creation of God comprises the born-again children of God, who have come back to the original faith of the apostolic fathers. [48] Mr. President, the words and voice we hear on the tapes are Brother Branham’s; do not confuse them with the Word of God and the Voice of God that must be understood through human words, as he himself says:

"And I will try to speak as long as I can, so that you may understand my words, and I do so also because of the tapes. For you must know that this Bible is the Word of God. » [49]


You must not believe the words of Brother Branham, but the Word of God. You can only believe It if you are predestined to receive eternal life.  To believe is to have the faith of Abraham, to reject and deny everything that is contrary to the Word of God. He who has such a faith, would break up the denominations, as we read below:

If the Truth of even Marriage And Divorce was only brought out in its light that it’s in here, in the Bible, it would break up every church in this city, any other city, try to get back to it. They’re, both sides, wrong. I can prove it by the Word. They’re both wrong. All right. Whether a man should do this or do that, or a woman this or that. I’m not going to say it, because I got enough confusion now amongst them. See? Uhhuh. Jesus said, “Let them alone. Blind leads the blind.” Why, well, they just fuss about it. They wouldn’t believe it. If they’re born to Eternal Life, they’ll believe the Word. See? Right. If they don’t, God will manifest Himself to them. If they don’t believe It, why, they won’t believe It. That’s all. Let’s get to this, first. We might get to that, later sometime. But let’s take care of this, first, see, and see why we must believe these things, how we got to believe them. You must believe them. If you don’t, you’re lost. You are. Believe what, Brother Branham? You?” No, sir, not me. You believe me, and… I’m saying the Word. I’m not putting anything here. I’m just telling you what the Bible says about believing this Word. And that’s what I’ve done, is try to believe that Word just the way It’s wrote; I don’t add anything, take anything. I just read It just the way It is, and believe It just like that. And by the grace and help of Almighty God, He’s confirmed It.” [50]

Mr. President, we have had the grace to be brought back to the faith of the apostolic fathers, which is the same faith that the ancients had. Unfortunately, when we see how you speak about the "faith of the Rapture," we are under the impression that there is more than one faith, in your opinion. However, the Bible clearly states:

"There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and among all, and in all. » [51]

Clearly, you have not been brought back to the original faith of the apostles and biblical prophets and do not understand the Scriptures or the power of God. As a prelude to your stream on the First Seal, you write:

"He had already chosen His mighty angel to reveal Him before the foundation of the world, and a special group of people He called His Bride. The name of this powerful angel was William Marrion Branham. This special group of people is YOU, His predestined bride. And He took the Book, (glory!) He opened the Book and broke the Seals; and He sent it to the earth, to His seventh angel, to reveal it to His people! » [52]

When you shout "glory" because of the Book, you probably boast about your book "The Revelation of the Seven Seals," which Brother Branham never wrote, because it is nothing more than a collection of 10 messages that include sermons on God Hiding himself in Simplicity, The Breach between the Seven Church Ages and the Seven Seals, The First Seal to the Seventh Seal, and Questions and Answers on the Seals. Your sister, Rebekah Branham Smith, is the central prosecution witness in this matter, because she mentions that there is only one book that Brother Branham actually wrote – with the help of Lee Vayle – and it is called Exposition of the Seven Ages of the Church. Brother Branham himself speaks about it, in Los Angeles, when he says:

"And it's on tape. The book's coming out soon, we're grammar-taping it. As you know, my grammar is not very good, and people don't... You must really be people who love me, to be able to understand me, with my grammar. But a theologian is grammarizing it for me, and taking out all the-the... Well, maybe I didn't use the right word there. I don't even know. So, I heard somebody laugh, so, I guess that word "grammarize" was wrong. But me, it's like the Dutchman, you really must take what I mean, not what I say. » [53]

Rebekah further states that of the more than 1,100 sermons her father brought, only a small number were written down and published in pamphlet or tract form before 1966. She cites, among others, Stopping Cancer, As the Eagle Awakens Its Brood, I Did Not Resist the Celestial Vision. She does not mention your book incorrectly titled The Revelation of the Seven Seals, even though the foreword is signed by Billy Paul Branham. You do know that the 7th Seal was opened, but not revealed, and do know that your sister's testimony is true.

Billy Paul doesn't faithfully relate the events the way they were meant to be reported. Moreover, he is not called to preach and should stay away from anything remotely related to the Word. First, he superimposes Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7 and then he adds, "The Word of the Lord has promised us that He will send the spirit of Elijah back to earth in the form of the end time messenger, the angel of the Seventh Age of the Church in these last days of the end times. "Further on he says, "This vision was fulfilled on February 28, 1963, when 60 miles northeast of Tucson, Brother Branham was taken up in a constellation of seven Angels; he was then told to return to his church in Jeffersonville, where the mysteries of the Seven Seals would be revealed to him." [54] The Word that promises the sending of the angel of the seventh church age is not found in Revelation 10:7, but in chapter 3:14. You are both suffering from the same disease; you are talking about the seventh church age WITHOUT CALLING the place where it is mentioned that there are church ages, i.e. from 2:1 to 3:22. Revelation 10:7 does not promise to send the angel of the seventh church age, but rather announces "that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall sound the trumpet, the mystery of God shall be finished, as he hath spoken unto his servants the prophets. "Nowhere in this verse is there any mention of the Church. I challenge you to prove the contrary from the Bible.

On the other hand, Brother Branham was not told that the mysteries of the Seven Seals would be revealed to him, as Billy Paul alleges. Here are some statements from the prophet's own account, all of which confirm that the angels spoke of the OPENING and not the revealing of the Seven Seals:

"That morning, when those seven Angels came down and shook the earth, and the stones were flying in every direction, seven Angels stood there and said, "Go back to Jeffersonville, from whence you came, for the Seven Seals of the Seven Mysteries will be opened." » [55]

"Take a good look at what happened. To be walking, not even alone, but with other men. Then to see a group of Angels come down from Heaven, shaking the whole earth, standing there. The newspapers talked about it; even though it had been predicted months and months in advance that it would happen. He stood there, and He said, "The time is near, go back there. Open the Seven Seals, the mysteries that have been hidden during all the reforms, and everything, disclose these things." Then comes the preaching of The Seed of the Serpent and all those things. And the clergy, what do they do? Instead of saying... "Let's see, Luther said this or that. They... They'll never see it. See? But what a privilege it is for us who believe to walk in the Presence of God, every day. » [56]

"I saw seven Angels coming. Life magazine showed it well, didn't it, as the fog of That passed up there, at an altitude of twenty-seven miles [43 km] and was thirty miles [48 km] wide? Isn't that Fred Sothmann and the others, Gene Norman, and the others, sitting there in the background? They were there when those seven Angels appeared right there on the hill. It shook the hills for miles around like that. Seven Angels were standing there. They put a sword in my hand, saying, "Go home, open these Seven Seals that are given." And here they are: this true mystery that was marriage and divorce, the seed of the serpent, and all these things that were disputed - this is THUS SAITH THE LORD. » [57]

How can you have faith of the rapture when you don't even master the basics of the Word? You are still outside the Kingdom, and you cannot see Him. [58] Now, there is a reliable discernment model for critical analysis of Brother Branham's ministry that you can find in the Early Church. Brother Kas, whom you know well and who has written to you before, is one of the few ministers who takes seriously the prophet's personal statement when he says he is "presuming" as to how he would deal with the Seven Seals of Revelation before they were opened. What scares you and sets you at odds is to see the man of God humbly confess his ignorance and claim that he lacks the authority to deal properly with such a great topic. As this was the case, instead of being silent about it, he engaged in assumptions and hypotheses that caused you and countless Message insiders to be confused. While the Church was to be built as a building – not a wall – according to biblical construction standards, like a real stone mason would do to turn a corner, [59] Brother Branham’s presumption on the evidence of the Holy Spirit, the 7 Seals and the 7 Thunders made him venture on a slippery slope and did not keep the continuity of the rest of the building.

Mr. President, if you are of God, you will admit that initially, the man of God thought that love is the proof or evidence that someone has the Holy Spirit. He was corrected when he received the revelation that it is faith in the Word that is the very evidence of the Spirit on someone. Furthermore, he thought that the 7 Seals are written inside and outside the Book, and that the 7 Thunders would give the faith of the rapture. That even made 14 seals in total! But he corrected himself and recognized that there are only seven seals that seal the Book, which are different from the seven thunders. As for the 7 Thunders, it was only after the Seventh Seal that it was revealed to him that it is an absolute mystery, but that there is nevertheless a link between the 7 Thunders and the 7th Seal.

For your information, I quote in full some excerpts from this analysis of Brother Branham's understanding of the Rapture faith, which you repeated without due discernment.

"William Marrion Branham was always thinking differently than what Elohim Himself had already thought about these Seals. But when the REVELATION CAME, he drastically changed and humbly confessed being in error. He thought that there were 7 written and 7 unwritten Seals. He kept thinking that the 7 thunders would give the Rapture FAITH and that they would even be revealed to him! But, all this was just guesswork. He himself said so.

‘Now, I don’t know what these Seals mean. I am just as much at end of my wits, to them, as perhaps some of you are this morning. We have ecclesiastical ideas that has been presented by man, but that will never touch It. And if you’ll see, It has to come by inspiration. It must be God, Himself, is the only One Who can do it, the Lamb.’ [60] The Seven Seals holds the mystery of the Book. Until we can see what those Seven Seals has sealed in, we’re only presuming them things. Because, as I’ve told you, this morning, upon my little Message this morning, of God hiding in simplicity. You see, we—we are…We are sure to miss the thing unless It is absolutely, genuinely revealed by the Holy Spirit, and vindicated the same. See? If the prophet rises and tells you that This is just That, and God don’t vindicate the same, forget it. See? But God, in every statement, in everything, has to vindicate It, to make It right. See? So, His children will watch those things, see, and be alert, notice. Seven Seals on the Book has the…These Seven Seals has the Book sealed. See? The Book is absolutely sealed. Do you see it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] The Book is absolutely a sealed Book until the Seven Seals is broken. It is sealed up with Seven Seals. Now, that’s a different from the Seven Thunders. See? This is Seven Seals on the Book. And the Book will not, the Seals will not be released until the Message of the seventh angel. See? So we—we are presuming ...'" [61]

"'Now, you see, This is a sealed Book. Now, we believe that. Don't we? The congregation says: 'Amen.' - We believe that it is a sealed Book. Now that, we did not know it before, but it is. It is sealed with seven seals. That is, on the back of the Book, the Book is sealed with Seven Seals. [62]

NOTES: Previously, he had taught that the white horse rider was the Holy Spirit. And the REVELATION corrected that. » [63]

The examples of believers who had faith and were raptured without the revelation of the 7 Thunders are numerous from Genesis to Revelation. I can mention Enoch,[64] Elijah the prophet, [65] and Moses, [66] who would be on the Mount of Transfiguration with Elijah and enter the Pillar of Cloud together, according to Luke 9:30-34. They will complete their journey in Israel as two witnesses in Revelation 11:6. Notice that in verse 12, they are caught up to heaven for the second time after their resurrection. This will happen in the 6th Seal just before the 7th and final trumpet sounds. Brother Branham is not going to sound it – since he has already been taken up by the Lord without the 7th trumpet having sounded – but a heavenly angel from the group of seven angels before God will do. This is an event that has yet to be fulfilled. [67] I challenge you, Mr. President, to prove that it has sounded and that the verse that says “The kingdom of the world has now passed into the hands of our Lord and his Christ. He will reign forever,” is fulfilled.

According to Brother Branham, the 7 Thunders and the 7th Seal refer to the date of Jesus Christ's return, which is kept secret until the appointed time. Even the devil does not know it, otherwise he would do terrible damage. Yet, the Lord Jesus-Yeshua says in Matthew 24:36, "As for the day and hour when this will happen, no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, not even the Son; only the Father, and him alone." And yet, He was carried up to heaven without knowing this great secret that the 7 Thunders were supposed to bring. What else shall I say? Except that faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. In his letter to the Hebrews, Paul vindicates that by faith Henoch was translated: he did not know what the voices of the seven thunders uttered! I could still speak of Philip, who, without having been taken up to heaven, was nevertheless caught away by the Spirit of the Lord from the way that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza, as far as Ashdod, after having baptized the Ethiopian eunuch. [68] In the same way, we too, do not need to know what the voices of the 7 Thunders uttered to have the Rapture faith. We ALREADY have faith; God will perfect it soon.

To conclude, Mr. President, I would like to remind you that John was forbidden to write what the voices of the 7 Thunders had said. Therefore, this commandment was not only for him, but for all of us. You have no right to say that the Seven Thunders are revealed because it is the secret that no one knows about. It’s a TOTAL SECRET, kept secret from the Angels – the 7th church age angel of Laodicea included. [69] Even Satan does not know this, because we know what he would do if he should get a hold of it. We are warned that he will try to impersonate this, as you are doing, but he will not be able to impersonate the 7 Thunders. [70]

Until his death, Brother Branham not only did not have this revelation, but he claimed that it would never be given to a man. Thus, he was not guilty of adding or taking away from the written Word. He knew that pretending to have it would be adding or taking away from what is written in the Bible.[71]  You, on the other hand, like a reckless person, have fallen into the trap and pride has blinded you. You do not have the revelation of what those voices said, nor the rapture faith, nor any faith at all, and you have added to the Word of God. When Bro. Branham was told that he would be judged and held responsible for the Gospel he preached for his day, he replied, “Well,” I said, “I’ve preached the same Gospel that Paul preached.”  The whole multitude of converts from his ministry – not Branhams – who were with him in that paradise cried out, “We’re resting on that.” [72] You do preach another gospel than that Paul preached, and according to Galatians 1:8, let you be accursed. God will add you and your brother and accessory, Billy Paul, the plagues written in the book of this prophecy, and will take away your part out of the Book of life and out of the Holy City. Amen!


So written at Jeffersonville, on June 7, 2021



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