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The Bible is error-free only in the original Hebrew and Greek texts, but each translation of the Bible has been more or less touched by the translators to bring out each one's thought or doctrine. For some the Trinitarian, bi-unitary and many other theological creeds.

We advise the brothers and sisters to have several versions of Bibles as more or less each one of them has been touched, in order to keep the original thought of Lord Yeshua the author of the word.

The Louis Second version speaks very well about the supreme divinity of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha MashYah), but intentionally alters the word on a few points concerning marriage to bring out the obligatory monogamy.

The version of the Sower brings out the Lord's thought on marriage very well although concerning the supreme divinity of Jesus Christ, Sower brings out the trinity and even the bi-unity. In spite of their trinitarian and bi-unitary leanings, there remains a part where the divinity of Jesus Christ has been brought out as well, as in I John 5:20.

Some other versions translated by the Catholics like : The Christian Community Bible and the Jerusalem Bible also speaks well in a few points when it comes to marriage.

Briefly, we advise you to have many versions of Bibles, study them in a comparative way for a better understanding.